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Playing with cables, a trip down memory lane

Hello knitters,

Today is a very special day since I have just released a new pattern for a pullover called Tii.

This is the result of my love for cables, and I thought I'd write a small blog post featuring some of my experiments with this element.

First, let me introduce you to this new design. Tii is a very simple pullover and the cables are actually REALLY easy to make! Like the easiest cables you could think of, really...

The sweater is made in two halves and then they are tied together with an i-cord... in a similar way as you would tie your shoe-laces.

I added some graphic tutorials to the pattern so it's easy-peasy to make.


Available in 10 sizes (finished bust circumf 44" to 76").

Yarn weight: DK or light worsted (recommended TUKUWOOL DK)

Needles: US 7 (4.5mm) and US 5 (3.75mm).

Tii has a boxy and relaxed fit that makes it the perfect casual pullover. The yarn I used is so lofty and light that it also makes it ideal as a traveling sweater (packing light is a must for this knitter).


I remember the first time I knitted a cable. It was back in maybe 2000, I was in university and I didn't have much time to knit, so I was knitting a bulky vest. My Mom suggested I add some flare to it and she taught me how easy it was to work a cable: really, it's just putting a few sts on hold and then getting back to them. The results achieved by cabling can be the most stunning and most impressive in any knitting project, and often with very little effort.

One of my first designs was a cardigan called Opposite Pole. With this design I experimented with REVERSIBLE cables. I needed to make a fabric that would look good on both sides (wrong and right side) because the design required the collar to be folded down.

I remember my feeling of accomplishment when I realized I could actually make it happen!

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Simply Taupe.

A few years later, I published Grandpa Cardigan. This was the first time I wrote an all-over cabled design and it was learning curve. It took me a long time to finish the pattern writing, since each size had a different amount of cables (in order for all sizes to be truly cabled all over).

Yarn: Walk Collection BFL DK in French Lilac

In 2015 I published the Adventurous Cardigan: a long coat, so elaborate and big that people truly stop to ask you about it. This was a true masterpiece, with intricate cables traveling down the back and fronts. I felt like an elf when wearing it... This took a long time, since I used DK weight yarn but I enjoyed every single moment. The thing is that with cables, I always want to make it to the next cable crossing, which somehow makes my work grow a lot faster than expected!

Yarn: Sweetgeorgia Superwash DK in English Ivy

I love the back of my sweaters so much...

By 2017 everyone knew of my love of cables, I had published many pieces already but I wanted to explore using them in different directions, combining horizontal and vertical cables in the same design. I also combined them with lace, which I hadn't done much... and I named this design Rhapsody in Cables. It's still one of my favorite pieces, one that was very hard to grade and fills me with pride.

With the Ranch Coat, I created a sequence of cables that grew in size from top to bottom. This way the coat got a flared shape. The increases were invisible and built INTO the cables... I adore this coat. I used a rustic and heavy weight yarn and I wear it as a coat regularly. The best part: it has POCKETS!

Yarn: Madelinetosh Ranch Wool in Leopard.

Now already in 2020, I published a labor of love, the Monstera Cardigan. This one has the simplest shaping, just a square and rectangles, but I used an intricate interlocking cables. With this design I wanted to show how stunning variegated and speckled yarns can also look with cabled designs. I often think it's best to use a solid or tonal yarn so people can see my work, but Monstera looks stunning in the gorgeous Merino Sport by La Bien Aimée, color Patagonia.

The last pattern I want to show you is Cabin Life. It was part of my 7th book, Interpretations, and with this design I played with traveling cables that spread out and meet with their neighbors...

This is probably the coat that I've worn the most... I just wish I had added the pockets!

Yarn: Magpie Fibers Nest Worsted in Twilight Honey.

This trip down memory lane brings us back to 2022. I am ready to play a lot more with cables... There are still a lot of tricks and secrets I want to unveil and I promise to keep bringing you fun cabled designs.

If you haven't already, please try this technique! It's much easier than you'd think and the results are amazing.

Now I'd love to hear from you! What are your favorite cabled designs? Is there any type of cables or garments you'd like to make?


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Mar 03, 2022

I fell in love with the adventurous cardigan and want to make it in the same green fiber you did! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! I have never made anything of that size or with that many cables do it woukd truly be an ”adventure!”


Pura Hilados
Pura Hilados
Mar 03, 2022

Ohh Joji! Difícil elegir uno, qué buena reseña de este camino recorrido entre trenzas y ochos, recuerdo haber disfrutado mucho tejer mi Opposite, y realmente el Monstera me mata!!! felicitaciones por todos estos diseños!!!


Cea Smith Davis
Cea Smith Davis
Mar 03, 2022

I think they’re all gorgeous. I’ve knit Rhapsody in Cables and thought it went together beautifully and it’s a favorite to wear!😍


Annette franklin
Annette franklin
Mar 03, 2022

Joji. they are all so beautiful. Cabin Life ...Rapsody...Tii I think are my favorites...really beautiful...thank you for sharing your talents with us...I want to make all of them but I get confused so easily and do frog an awful lot!!!


I love ALL of them! That Adventurous Cardigan though is A. MAZ. ING!

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