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Sock knitting

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I have just launched a pair of shortie socks, the Flora Socks, and it got me thinking about my love for knitting socks, and when it all began...

Back in 2004, when I was learning to knit all sorts of things, I tried for the first time. I used a free pattern, a very good one from I can't remember what the name of the pattern was... but I achieved something that looked pretty much like a sock, even though I had no idea what I was doing for most of the instructions.

Unfortunately, I didn't have good materials available where I live, so I had to use the only set of double pointed needles I found (cheap and plastic, not very pleasant). To make things worse, I had no idea how different types of yarns could behave, so I bought a beautiful and colorful hank of single ply acrylic yarn that looked similar to the socks in the photograph.

Bad idea! I had a terrible time trying to move the yarn on those needles (my hands still remember that experience) and the socks were too big and stretched out. It was a huge lesson when learning to knit. From then on, I understood the materials would have a great role in the outcome of the project. Not just for socks.

Knitting materials don't have to be expensive. There were other yarns in my country that are affordable (and with acrylic content, I don't have anything against it) that would hav made a much better pair of socks: Plied yarns, and the right needle size for the yarn weight (socks need to be knitted at a tight gauge).

I can proudly say that I have knitted pairs of socks for almost everyone I love in all these years since then. I have made acrylic and cashmere/merino ones. I've made thick ones in worsted weight and super light ones that take forever.

There is hardly anything that I enjoy more than knitting socks and giving them away. Socks are a small project, you can carry them with you always. You can make them simple, if you just want to pass the time and do something with your hands, but you can also make them complex and have a real challenge while knitting them. You can experiment with a new technique you've been dreaming of learning (think brioche, mosaic knitting or color-work socks). They are affordable, you can find so many budget friendly yarns to make a good pair of socks. And most importantly, EVERYONE loves a good pair of hand-knit socks! So if they don't fit the intended recipient, there will always be someone who fits those socks.

Today's pattern is for a pair of shortie socks, with lace and cable details on thee cuff. They are worked from the top down, with a heel flap and gusset.


1 skein of Sock Lite by Olann or approx. 280 (300, 340) yd 255 (275, 310) m of fingering weight yarn (shown in colorway Field).

The red socks were made using Sock by Suburban Stitcher in colorway Red Hot.

Needles: US 1 (2.25mm) dpns or long circular needles for magic loop.

Other notions: Stitch marker, tapestry needle.

If you feel inspired to try some other of my sock patterns, here are a few you can find on my website.

Do you have a preferred method for knitting socks? I am always interested in learning what you'd like to see in my patterns. Leave me a comment?


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