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Ready for Fall 2 e-book

This small pattern collection celebrates the arrival of the fall and the cold weather. With one pattern for everything you may need and want to make: a pair of socks, a shawl, a stunning pullover, a cardigan and a beanie, you'll be set to start the season not just warm, but also entertained.

Each pattern in this collection took me a long time to make and publish. I haven't ben publishing patterns as quickly lately, so each one means a lot.

These patterns are available as an e-book collection or as individual downloadable patterns.



It Brings you Peace Shawl

Cloud Peak Cardigan

Instant Crush Pullover

Tromsø Hat

One Weekend Socks

Ready for Fall 2 e-book

  • Prices are in US Dollars. This pattern is available only in English as a digital download. You will automatically receive a pdf file.

  • Please be aware that our website does not hold a log of your purchases. Therefore I am unable to send updates or provide you with a library feature. I am also unable to integrate this purchase with any existing libraries including Ravelry.

    I apologize for this. Warmly, Joji

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