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ready for fall 2

This small pattern collection celebrates the arrival of the fall and the cold weather. With one pattern for everything you may need and want to make: a pair of socks, a cardigan, a stunning pullover, a shawl and a beanie, you'll be set to start the season not just warm, but also entertained.

For this second Ready for Fall collection, my focused turned to fluffy yarns, with soft halo and warm feel to the touch.

These patterns are available as an e-book collection or as individual downloadable patterns.

Over the past few years, I've transformed both my work and knitting into personal avenues for healing and self-love.

My patterns embody a serene and effortless approach to this craft, gently guiding you towards relaxation and embracing the necessity for solace and tranquility.

It is with deep honor that I share not only my art but also these five patterns with you. They serve as conduits through which I manifest intentions of self-love into    tangible forms.

In this second Ready for Fall collection, my focus now shifts towards embracing fluffy yarns and fibers: a symphony of softness and tactile delight.

I so hope that these knitting projects bring you both serenity and warmth, nurturing your inner self as the autumn unfolds.


cloud peak cardigan

An airy top-down seamless cardigan with reversible cables and pockets.

Read more.


one weekend socks

Super quick socks carrying one strand of DK + 1 strand of mohair. Read more.


instant crush pullover

A top-down colorwork raglan pullover using 2 strands of mohair held together. Read More.


it brings you peace shawl

A simple shawl alternating bands of garter stitch, stripes and lace. Worked in supple suri alpaca yarn. Read more.


tromsø hat

A quick hat recipe that can be worked with any yarn. The top is really special with folded corners. This version is worked in a bulky and lofty alpaca. Read more.

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